Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Cool Spots On The Web

Hi everyone! One of the classes I'm taking is about teaching children with learning disabilities, but the professor who teaches it also teaches the Special Education Technology class, so she integrates a lot of technology into this class as well. She is always showing us interesting websites that can be useful for teachers. I've posted some of them in my Delicious tags on the sidebar of this blog.
One of the sites we learned about last night is called Glogster. The main site is at, but there is also a site especially for teachers and students at The regular site is free but limited. The edu site requires a yearly subscription but includes 50 to 200 student accounts (depending on the subscription level you choose) and lots of extra features. Basically, its a site where you can create online "posters" and presentations. It can be a creative way to do a book reports or projects on just about any topic.
Our assignment for the class was to use Glogster to make a poster about learning disabilities. (We only get to use the free version, so mine isn't quite as involved as it could be.) You can see it here if you'd like!
What is your favorite website to use with students?

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