Friday, April 13, 2012

Funny Kid Conversations

I know I've probably told you about Martin, who is 10 year old, has mild autism, and is always says surprising things. I enjoy having Martin as a student because he always comes into the class with a smile on his face, saying, "Hi Miss Read!" Lately Martin and Jay are both really into Spiderman cartoons. Martin has also been very interested in New York, and the Statue Of Liberty, lately. He walks around with his arm in the air, saying, "I'm New York! Statue!" He's also been mentioning that his family plans to visit New York this summer. One thing about Martin is that, although he can definitely talk, he often chooses to use as few words as possible. For instance, when he wanted to know if he could work on the mini-book the other kids had made while he was at OT, he walked up to Mrs. Eagle and simply said, "Mini book?" When asking for a spoon, he might just walk up to you and pantomime using a spoon. If you can get him to talk for a few minutes, though, the conversation is always interesting! Here's one recent conversation I had with Martin.

Martin: "I'm going to New York on July 13."

Me: "I know! That's exciting! Who are you going with? Your mom and dad?"

Martin: "Yes."

Me: "Wow! Are you going to see the Statue of Liberty?"

Martin: "Yes!"

Me: "Cool! Do you get to go there in an airplane?"

Martin: "No."

Me: "No? How will you get there?"

Martin: "On a web."

Me: "On a web?"

Martin: "Yes."

Me: "You mean like Spiderman?"

Martin: "Yes.:

Me: "And your mom and dad are going on a web too?"

Martin: "Yes."

Me: "Oh! Well, that is an interesting way to travel."

LOL! I'm really hoping his mom comes to the parent conferences in a few weeks, because I want to ask her if they're really going! He has been saying a specific date and everything, so its possible they really are going to New York. I wonder if Martin will be disappointed if he doesn't get to swing there on a web!
Triller has been in a really foul mood lately, yelling at everyone, refusing to listen to teachers, spitting on the bus, and accusing other kids of hitting him or saying "bad words" even when they are way on the other side of the classroom. Since he sometimes gets grouchy when he's getting sick, we think he may be coming down with something... or, since he's almost eleven, it could be adolescence kicking in! 
Today, while Mrs. Eagle was helping Triller get ready to go home, I overheard this conversation.

Mrs. Eagle: "Triller, this art project won't fit in your backpack. Do you want to carry it?"

Triller: "What? No! Are you crazy?

Mrs; Eagle: "No. Are you?"

Triller; "Yes!"

Mrs. Eagle: "Well, that explains everything!" 

These kids keep me laughing all day long! I have only three weeks left. I can honestly say, I've enjoyed every day of this placement so far! 

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