Friday, July 27, 2012

Is The Life Of An Autistic Person Worth Saving?

Hi everyone! This is a call to arms! Nikki at Dysfunctional Dose  posted a story about a young man named Paul. 23-year-old Paul does not, and never has, drink or smoke. He loves, and is loved by, his family, which includes his mother, a sister, and two little nephews, among others. He enjoys creative writing, and has written a preteen novel called Isaac The Runner. Paul has a serious heart condition, and if he does not get a heart transplant, his life will be in danger. 

However, Paul was recently denied a placement on the heart transplant list. Why? Because Paul has autism. 

Most people who have children with special needs will not hesitate to say that they are their child's biggest advocate. This is true for Paul's mother. She is ready to do anything she needs to do to get her boy onto that heart transplant list! One thing she's done is create a petition on She plans to send it to the heart transplant committee that denied her son, as well as her state officials, the senate, the House of Representatives, and even the US President. 

If you would take a minute to sign the petition, it would mean a ton to Paul and his family! 

Also, you might want to check out Paul's book! I know this blog is read by some teachers, and you might consider incorporating this book into a creative writing unit! Reading it and learning that it was written by someone with autism may raise their confidence and inspire them to try their own hand at writing!

Thanks, everyone! 

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