Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Weird Moments With Taz

OMG! Have you noticed that, as of late, I've been starting to get comfortable with my newest job? That I've been starting to enjoy it? That I've been getting to use some of my own teaching ideas?
Yep. The powers that be at my school must have noticed it too.
Yesterday I found out that the school has an appointment with Taz parents next week, and that at this meeting, they are going to attempt to persuade the parents to accept a self-contained special ed classroom placement for Taz. If his parents agree to it, Taz could be moved to the new classroom as early as the very next day!
On one hand, this would be great for Taz. He'd really benefit from being in a smaller classroom, with teachers who could really concentrate on his unique needs, instead of just being the most problematic student in a classroom of twenty-five first graders.
On the other hand... WHAT ABOUT ME?
I don't want to be selfish, but first of all, I don't want to start all over again in another classroom. And second of all, I've really been enjoying working with Taz! I feel like there is a lot I can do to help him! And he really is a nice kid. Just so happy all the time. Well, almost all the time. Sometimes, when he starts getting tired of my "redirecting" him, he looks at me and says, "Don't you need to go help in Mr. Shizuko's class now?" He gets kind of upset when I have to spend an entire day in a different classroom. I try very hard to have as many positive interactions with him as possible, and I think this has helped make him feel comfortable with me. Which was my goal originally, because I think kids learn best when they're comfortable. And now it seems sort of mean (to both of us!) for me to have to turn him loose again.
There is the chance that I will still be working with Taz, even if his parents accept the self-contained classroom. Of course, different people in the school tell me different things. Taz's current teacher says that I'd probably accompany Taz to his mainstream subjects, and possibly also help him in his self-contained room. But another teacher told me that there would be no reason for me to work with Taz any longer, since the special ed classroom has it's own aides already.

On a funnier note, the other morning when Taz got to school, he excitedly told me that he'd written me a note. He showed me a piece of notebook paper with a bunch of letters on it. Taz can write all of the letters of the alphabet very nicely, but he can't really spell or form sentences on his own, so his note looked something like, "DMSSRSFEUNEAHOND."
So, I asked Taz to read it to me.
He took the note, looked at it, and read aloud, "Dear Miss Read. You need a husband. Love, Taz."
(He then added, "And also two sons!")
Uh, thanks, Taz! I guess...

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  1. Lol I love that note, it is too cute! On a side note, I had been reading your blog on Google Reader lately and hadn't noticed the new blog header and design, it is so nice!


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