Sunday, November 27, 2011

Miss Read Goes On A "Field Trip"

Hi everyone! You usually won't see photos in this blog, because I want to stay pretty anonymous (too many stories of people losing their jobs over blogs, or not getting hired because of them, have showed up online) but I thought I might show cartoon versions once in a while!
So anyway... My family is a little odd because I have an aunt and uncle who are only nine and seven years older than me. Coupled with the fact that my mom had me and my brother while she was pretty young, and my aunt and uncle waited a while to have their own children, I ended up with several cousins who are at least 20 years younger than me. two of them, Birdie (age 9) and Tiger (age 7) live somewhat near by, and my mom and I like to spend time with them when we can.
My mom recently got tickets to the circus, and so we took Birdie and Tiger out for the day so their parents could paint their living room without interruptions. Want to see all the fun we had? 

First we drove there in my mom's upside-down mobile. (The car wasn't really upside-down but for some reason I just can't get this picture right-side-up!)

My mom bought them light-up toys to play with when the lights got turned off in the show.

Sitting in the audience...

I took a lot of pics of the elephants because I like them the best.

By the time the show was over, we were all hungry, so we went to this train-themed restaurant near by. It was built in the 1950's and is really small. Its probably one of the original train-themed restaurants, although a lot of new ones have cropped up in the last decade. At this one, you can sit at a lunch counter and see your food delivered by train, but during normal lunch hours it is hard to get a seat at the counter because its so crowded. We happened to burst in half an hour before closing time, so we got coveted counter seats!

Finally, we went back to my house for a while. Birdie and Tiger love arts and crafts, which they must get from their mom. (I, too, get it from their mom!) I had a new box of Do-A-Dot markers which I cracked open for the kids. They worked hard for quite a while.

Doesn't that look like fun? I wish every day could be more like this!

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