Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Free Bunny Writing Promt

Hi everyone! Still working on my lesson plans! Today I wanted to share a bunny writing prompt. It begins with, "One day I woke up, and noticed I'd turned into a bunny!" Students then write a short story about what happened. Once they've finished writing, there is also a bunny picture for them to color, making this assignment worthy of hanging on the wall or including in a portfolio! 

I've also included a "cloze" version, which you may choose to use with younger students or students with cognitive impairments. I'm going to use it with Starling, Triller, and possibly Rosella. The cloze version has a short story already written, but includes blank spaces for students to personalize the story. It reads, "One day I woke up an saw that I'd turned into a bunny! I felt _________. I said, '______________.' The first thing I did was ____________. Then I went to ________. I saw _________. I ate __________. When I turned back into a kid, I felt ________." It also includes the bunny picture for them to color.

I've uploaded it at I used a special font that allows you to make your own lined paper. I embedded the font, so it should reach you the way I intended it to. If not, you may have to fix some things so that it looks right with your own fonts. 

I hope you like it! Later in the week, I'm sure I'll add some more freebies!


  1. You are just on a roll! I love seeing all the great things you are working on during this student teaching placement! It seems like there is much more opportunities compared to your last one. Great job! :)

    1. Thanks! Yes, this placement is a lot better than my last one. It is much more challenging, in a good way... I can really put my own ideas and talents into things, instead of just doing what I'm told to do!


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