Thursday, June 7, 2012

Teachers Do Amazing Things!

Hi everyone! I know we've been hearing a lot lately about teachers doing rotten things, especially to children with special needs. There have been several stories of parents who, after becoming suspicious that their kids weren't alright, actually "bugged" their kids with hidden cameras or microphones, and recorded teachers doing nasty things. A teacher in Alabama was recorded saying things to a child with cerebral palsy things such as, ""Keep your mouth closed and don't drool on my paper. I do not want to touch your drool. Do you understand that? Obviously, you don't." A New Jersey special education teacher was recorded calling a student a "tard," swearing at students,  and more. Another special ed teacher made fun of a student's weight, swore at her, and made her run on a treadmill for hours. A special ed teacher in Georgia physically and sexually abused students who had severe physical and cognitive abilities by doing things like groping them, purposely bending their fingers too far back in order to cause pain, and slamming students down into their chairs. A high school special education student in Georgia actually died after a teacher put a homemade neck brace on him to force him to keep his head straight, although this position restricted his breathing. The same teacher had also passed gas in the student's face and spilled him out of his wheelchair. There was the teacher who stuffed a child into a duffel bag as a punishment, and another teacher who sealed a student into a cardboard box. The stores go on and on! Stories on the Internet would lead anyone to believe that all teachers are eager to abuse the children who are the most vulnerable and the least able to report it. 
So, when I read a blog entry by a mother of a child with autism, I thought I'd "report" it here. 

Lexi, who blogs at Mostly True Stuff, is the mother of four children. One of her little boys has autism. Casey is about 8, and is a really awesome little dude. And he and I have something in common... we both love butterflies! Any way, today Lexi blogged about a very cool routine Casey's teacher has created for him. Three mornings a week, the teacher plays music, and Casey dances in the front of the class while his classmates cheer for him! 
(Obvious note: This would only work if the student in question is into it. I know most of the people who read this blog don't need that reminder... but since we were just talking about teachers who do stupid things, I thought I'd mention it in case anyone like that ever reads my blog. Its not a punishment. Casey loves it, his friends cheer for him, and it is a very positive part of his school life.) 

There is actually a video showing Casey doing the "Casey Dance." I didn't want to post it here, because I thought it would be cool for you guys to go over and check out the video here on Lexi's blog. That way, maybe you can drop a comment and tell Casey what a great dancer he is!

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